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About Sheep
Basic Information: How Long Do Sheep Live?
Separating the Sheep from the Goats: What's the difference between sheep and goats? | Page 2
Sheep, lambs, ewes, rams and wethers: What's the difference between a sheep and a lamb?
In two shakes of a lambs tail: Why don't sheep have tails? | Page 2
Follow the Leader: Why do sheep follow each other?
Ouch: Why do rams butt?
Beauty adorns the ram with horns: Do all rams have horns?

Smart sheep: Are sheep stupid?

Kinds of Sheep
Counting Sheep: How many different kinds of sheep are there?
Sheep Breeds A-Z
     Sheep Breeds A-Ba
     Sheep Breeds Be-Br
     Sheep Breeds C
     Sheep Breeds D-F
     Sheep Breeds G-I
     Sheep Breeds J-L
     Sheep Breeds M-N
     Sheep Breeds O-P
     Sheep Breeds R
     Sheep Breeds S-Sp
     Sheep Breeds St-T
     Sheep Breeds U-Z

Baa Baa Black Sheep: Why are some sheep black?
Naked Sheep: What are hair sheep?

Raising Sheep
Dollars and cents: Can you make a living raising sheep?
Mary had a little lamb: How many babies do sheep usually have? | Page 2
A day in the life of a sheep: How are sheep raised? | Page 2
Dogs, Friends of Foes: How do dogs help shepherds take care of their sheep?
    Herding dogs
    Guardian dogs

You need a hair cut: How long does it take to shear a sheep?

Sheep Products
This little lamb went to market: What products do we get from sheep?
Fresh American Lamb, Meat Lovers Know: Why should you eat lamb?
    Special labeled lamb
Got milk? Do they really milk sheep?
Real men wear wool: How much wool does a sheep produce?
You need a hair cut: How long does it take to shear a sheep?
Hug a sheep: Why does wool keep us warm?
Science of the Lambs: What contributions have sheep made to science and medicine?

What Sheep Eat
Let's ruminate on it it: How many stomachs do sheep have?
What's for dinner?: What do sheep eat? | Page 2
To graze or not to graze: What impact does sheep grazing have on the environment?
Nature's weedeaters: Can sheep grazing benefit the environment?

The Wily Coyote: Do predators eat a lot of sheep?
To Protect and Serve: Will guardian dogs protect sheep from predators?
A Dog's Worst enemy: Can other animals be used as livestock guardians?
Flee, not fight: How do sheep protect themselves from predators?
Sheep Senses: What do sheep see, hear, and smell?

History and Interesting Facts About Sheep
Man's Best Friend: Do sheep make good pets?
In Sickness and Health: Can you get any diseases from sheep?
    Sheep Diseases: Worms and More Worms
Sheep in History: When were the first sheep brought to America?
Believe it or Not: Interesting and Fun Facts About Sheep
Celebrity Sheep: What ever happened to Dolly the Cloned Sheep?

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Sheep 201: Beginner's Guide to Raising Sheep


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